FIELDS OF QUEENS. The Queens Farm Museum

The Queens County Farm Museum occupies 7 1/2 acres in the heart of Glen Oaks, Queens, NY. Its croplands and orchards are being used to demonstrate the history of agriculture in New York. The Museum staff and volunteers harvest apples and grow herbs, squash, tomatoes and other standard market vegetables, which are sold from a roadside farm stand.

Educational tours and workshops cover horticultural technology, farm life history and food preparation. Geese, ducks, cows and sheep roam the grounds. The Museum also stages an old-fashioned county fair, an annual Native American pow-wow and an antique car show. It is one of two remaining operational farms within the five boroughs.

The Jacob Adriance farmhouse was first constructed in 1772 and was restored in 1986. For many years, the farm was run by the nearby Creedmoor State Hospital and the ground was tilled by patients. Tomatoes and zucchini are on sale in season.

Forgotten Fan Linda has a treat for one of the friendly Queens farm cows, and poses on the over-230-year-old front porch.

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It’s a country lane on a summer afternoon with farmhouses and barns. But it’s in Queens. Hay rides are pulled by tractors.

Goats, sheep and pigs are also raised on the farm and are always looking for handouts; Linda and Diane are happy to oblige. Merino sheep also make their home here.

Another farm in Queens is almost as old-–Klein Farms, which sells fresh produce, on 73rd Avenue in Fresh Meadows.

Unfortunately, the Kleins have sold the property and after 71 years, the Klein Farm has shut down, leaving the Queens Farm Museum as the only farm left in Queens.

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