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  1. Cathy Star says:

    My 2x great grandfather’s brother, George Vassar lived at 29 Scammel Street in 1857. He was a builder and his ‘office’ was located at 200 Madison Avenue. (Vassar Brothers Construction) I imagine 29 Scammel would have been a tenement at that time. He came to the USA, from England, in 1846 and, married in 1853. Any other info available for this address? Thanks and love your site!

  2. Michael Young says:

    I WENT TO PUBLIC SCHOOL 147 IN THE 195Os . The streets were east Broadway, scammel henry, and governor do you have a picture of p.s. 147 in your file’s

  3. JR Rivelli says:

    I lived at the corner of madison and governor

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