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    August 27, 2000

    Auto traffic rolling pedal-to-the-metal on busy Shore Road and Hutchinson River Parkway, up in Pelham Bay Park near the Westchester Line, pass a couple of stolid landmarks that represent the area’s close connection to the Revolutionary War.   Photo: Donald Gilligan There’s a large boulder on the side of Shore Road. It looks as if […]

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    August 20, 2000

    Like the other boroughs, The Bronx had its own system of trolleys and tracks, the longest being one by the Manhattan Railway Company that ran on Melrose and Webster Avenues in the Melrose, Morrisania, Mt. Hope, Tremont, Fordham, Bedford Park, and Norwood; it continued along Gun Hill and White Plains Roads all the way to […]

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    August 19, 2000

    On two separate trips, in the summers of 1999 and 2000, I walked the Grand Boulevard and Concourse, which marches north from the Major Deegan Expressway to Mosholu Parkway through Mott Haven, Concourse Village, Mount Eden, Mount Hope (the Concourse is constructed on a hill), Fordham, and Bedford Park. Eleven lanes wide from 161st Street […]


    August 13, 2000

    Since Alexander Hamilton founded the Bank of New York in the late 1700s, there have been hundreds of different banks flourishing in NYC. Some lasted for decades, only to ultimately founder, and others were swallowed up by larger ones. My mother worked for Manufacturers Hanover Trust, which was itself an amalgamation of three other banks, […]

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    August 6, 2000

    I’ve slowly come to the realization that Forgotten is woefully deficient as far as the Bronx, the only borough on the mainland, is concerned. And that’s ironic, since the Bronx, street for street, probably contains more ancient mural ads than any other borough. It’s no secret that large parts of the Bronx have been slow to […]

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