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  1. Jeffrey Levy says:

    It was the summer of 1983, and that one-hit-wonder, “Puttin on the Ritz” was all over the radio. I was 15 years old and worked here as my first real summer job. With my “Walkman” and headphones and a full bottle of water, my 10-speed and I made the exciting trip from Kings Highway/East 31st Street via Avenue P to the Ocean Parkway bike path and after a right-hand curve just before the Aquarium, headed down Surf Avenue to the store.

    Sure, I could have taken the bus, and I had a few routes to choose from, but only in the rain did I bother with that. Perhaps once or twice the entire summer. It was much more fun riding my bike and “exploring” Brooklyn!

    I’ll never forget listening to Dave Righetti pitch his no-hitter for the Yankees on July 4, 1983, as the sound of WPIX 11-Alive competed for volume against the musical background of Coney Island.

    I don’t remember everyone who worked there, it’s been 30-plus years now, and I won’t share any secrets, but here’s a nostalgic and friendly hello to John, Tony, Peggy and the 1983 summer crew!! It was a blast!

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