Mount Loretto orphanage

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  1. dianne says:

    My grandfather was raised at Mt Loretto around 1880’s early 1890’s His name was Thomas Francis Harding born in 12/31/1880. Do you have any old records that I can obtain info from.
    Thanks and have a super day…

  2. Maureen Miller says:

    I have asked several times for this information – I am looking for information on Sister Margaret Mary (Grace Kelly) and sister Theresa Carmel (Anne Kelly) who were both principals of each boys and girls school at the same time in the late 40’s early 50’s. Anything you can send me would be appreciated. They are cousins. Parents were Tom and Matilda Kelly.

    • David Gazard says:

      Hello my name is David Gazard .my mother in law and her siblings were also at Mt Lorretto during that period. Please let us know if you have any information that could help us find more information on my wife’s mom. Thank you

  3. rita and theresa schiavone says:

    anyone who might remember rita or theresa schiavone from 1942—- 1950???
    please e-mail us
    or if a family member might have memories they would like to share we would love to get in touch

  4. David Gazard says:

    My mother in law and her siblings were at Mount Loretta during theor teen years, I am looking for information about my mother in law Cecilia Zito, her sisters Phillis Zito,Josephine and Nancy Zito and their brother Gabe Zito. Any information about the parents and granparents would be welcomed. I believe Father Pavis was also at Mount Loretta during this time. Thank you.

  5. Barbara Martin says:

    I was living at Saint Elizabeth’s girls orphanage, mount loretto, Statten island, New York. I was there from 1966-1970 I have a silly question. I was in the junior and the intermediate doors, the girl used to say “NA-BUT” As if to use it as “I am just kidding” What I want to know was it a Spanish work or some word they made up. I would love to know, if any of you girls remember. Email me at Thank you.

  6. My two brothers and I were in Farmindale from 1955 – 1956 and in 1956 we were moved to Mount Loretto from 1956 – 1958. We have been trying to find any residents during that period but so far have had no luck. Any info would be appreciated.

    • My sister may know you her name was Natividad everyone called her {Tivi} She was the best sports athlete on the girls side { St Elizabeth } and the boys side {St Joseph}. look it up in the archives. I am still so proud of her.

  7. Johanna Abbruzzese says:

    My father passed away when I was fifteen yrs of age. I just found out he and his siblings were left at mount loretto in and around the 1930s. The family had two spellings of the names My father was John Abramowsky, My uncle was Stanley Ambrowski, aunt Helen Ambrowski, uncle Joseph Amrowski. I would appreciate any information you can provide me. Thank you Johanna C.(Abramowsky) Abbruzzese.

  8. Rosemay K. Morgan says:

    Looking for information on Joseph Bernard Duffy 1882 – 1954
    Sister is Kitty Durbin
    not sure if “Duffy” is adopive parents’ name?
    adopted from Mount Loretto

  9. Karen Mazurczyk says:

    looking for information about ross family members in the Mount Loretto home during late 1800’s . Does anyone know of Records

  10. For records requests, please call 718-317-2827

  11. Rosemarie Mazzola says:

    My In Laws Who Grew Up In Mount Loretto On Staten Island I Would Like To Find Out Some Information There Names Are Frank J Votruba And Evelyn walsh.Thank You.

  12. catherine mon says:

    Me and my brother charles mon we in this home from 1968 till 1972 i think

  13. I can in truth say there were more good days the bad. The home gave me a great struture to build on.The whole name was Mission of The Immaculate Virgin Mt.Loretto.

  14. Luci DiGiorgio says:

    My grand father Peter Patrick Murphy and his brother Charles,Frankie in 1917.. Any informationwould be greatly appreciated

  15. Rose Naveja says:

    I was four years old when I first went to MIV. I was terrified of the nuns because the nuns would hit or punish us for any infraction at all. It was a place of constant terror for me. They provided the basics, like: grizzled meat, raw potatoes, and plenty of hunger all around. I was very anemic. There was no affection, but plenty of chastisements. All personalities were suppressed, and whipped into shape. In addition, there was no mental stimulation as we had to lay on the floor for hours with nothing to do but fall asleep, or we would be outside on a nice day, but had to stay in one spot for hours at a time with nothing to do. My spot was beneath a tree that felt my sorrow, frustration, and pain.

    • Ari says:

      I share the same memories and was also there at the age of four, from 1956 – 1959. It was awful! A child should never be exposed to such isolation and pain. I had my older sister (7 yrs old) which I’m sure made it more tolerable. It took us many years to heal and to be able to talk about our experience without breaking down – sobbing and crying. Hope you are doing well. Stay strong.

  16. Kathy says:

    My Grandmother, Florence Cornelia Fisher, born 1892 or1893 and died in Jan 1, 1973 on Staten Island…..Do you have any record of her at Mount was my understanding that she lived there at one time.

  17. Gloria Greenwaldt says:

    I was in MIV from 1957-1961. After kindergarten went to school on boys side. Specifically remember Yolanda Torres. Anyone there at same time, remember Gloria? I was always in trouble standing in hall with arms straight up while everyone slept!

  18. Lee Nicholson says:

    I was there 49/53 always in trouble with the Nuns.I had older sisters that were always running away.We came from the upper East side 98th between Lex& Park. I had some good memories of the Place the cows and pigs we fed.

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