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  1. Susan Freed says:

    I was born at the French Hospital in 1952 and I have been doing some genealogical research. Can you tell me some more about this hospital and what it was like in 1952? Do you know where they sent their medical records after they closed? Thanks so much.
    Susan Freed

  2. Florence Parker says:

    I was born in the French Hospital on February 12,1940. I had no idea until about 5 years ago that it still existed. I googled it and learned that it’s now an apartment building called the French apartments. Wow!, Glad to see a photo of my birth place.

  3. George Montalvan says:

    My sister (Jan 1941) and I (May 1942) were both born at the French Hospital. Does anyone have a photo of it when the building was a hospital?

  4. John Cupak (nee Jon Tor Lang) says:

    I was born at the hospital in July 1944, and would also be interested in birth records and pictures of the interior when it was a hospital.

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