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  1. Ronald M. Levy says:

    My mother Fannie S. Levy was the Assistant Principal and then acting Principal at PS 160 from about 1963 to 1973. She grew up a few blocks from the school in the 1920s and 30s. She died in December 2012 at 91. When my mother was working at PS 160, the children were mostly from Puerto Rican immigrant families. The Head Start program which many of the PS 160 school children participated in started while my mother was working at PS 160 and it made a big difference to the welfare of the children. Once my mother invited the Poet Carl Sandberg to visit the school. He came and read poems to the children.
    Ron Levy

    • HAYDEE says:


  2. Blanche Kruk says:

    My bothers and i attended ps 160 myself from kindergarden in 1961 through 6th grade in 1967/8 a time when the school and the neighborhood was still 50% european imergrants. i remember Mrs levy and our Principle mr Benjamin Katz. Carl Sandberg was friends with one of the teachers mrs micheal ann Neimeroff she used her maiden in previous years but i do not remember what it was. She was a 6th grade teacher when i got to 6 th grade there was a chair in our classroom signed by Carl Sandburg. Mrs Neimeroff was also friends with Charity bailey a famous folks artist educator her son JohnWhite was in my class. Your mom was a lovely lady she and Mr Kat were wonderful role models. I am sorry to hear of her passing. I have recently visited the halls of the old PS 160 which is now. Cultural center.
    Blanche Kruk Garbarini

  3. Randi Feingold-Ramos says:

    Hi…I went to P.S. 160 from Kindergarten (1964) to 6th grade (1970). You have opened up my memories. I remember Mr. Katz & Mrs. Levy. I lived directly across the street from the school on Suffolk Street. Our living room window looked into the assembly. My mother worked in the school. SHe started in 1964 as a school aide. Her name is Rhoda Feingold. She still lives at the same address. Do you remember other school aides, Evelyn “Mimi” Nuruddin, Shirley Steinberg & Lillian Hart?

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  4. Marc Josephson says:

    I went to PS 160 from 1956 to 1961. I remember Mrs Bard my 3rd Grade Teacher, and
    Mrs Parsons my IGC 6-1 Teacher. We used to play Kickball in the schoolyard during recess. I lived on Delancey Street and used to walk to and from school with my mom. Sure wish I had some Class Pictures from back then. I remember buying sour pickles from a barrel across the street from the school. There was also a Matzoh bakery across the street that used to give the kids broken pieces for free. A great big “HI” to all of my PS 160 schoolmates!!!

  5. Amolia says:

    why did ps160 close in the 1970s?

    • Cheryl Brown Falcone says:

      They built a new school that I think opened in either 1976 or 77. It was a round building about 4 blocks away. I can’t remember the name of it. I moved out of the neighborhood before having a chance to attend that school.

  6. Cheryl Brown Falcone says:

    I went to PS160 from 1971 to 1975 when I moved to New Jersey. I lived on Norfolk Street the block over from the school. I remember Mrs Levy and I think Mr. Katz was a tall guy. My memories are a little different. My second grade teacher was Mrs Grant. She was amazing! Back in the days when there was no breakfast in schools she would bring in cereal, fruit milk and juice. She charged 2 or 3 cents for it but if you didn’t have it she would give you some anyway. She had what you call an opened classroom where we had free time to roam around the room and find thing to learn about. She built this cardboard house we could play in and I remember doing puppet shows in class. The sad thing is that the year after I was in her class, she was killed in a car accident. I was so upset. I couldn’t sleep for days. I also had Mr. Swizen, (not sure of spelling) I also remember Mrs Susman and Mr Berman who became the guidance counselor the following year. Also, we had a fire in the hallway closet when I was in 2nd grade. We had to evacuate and walk through smoke and stand out in the cold for an hour. There was also a rumor that the 5th floor That was closed off had a fire and a student was killed. Not sure how true that was but it was pretty scary for me passing the gated stairwell. Kids would say it was haunted and you could hear the kid crying up there. Boy that terrified me!! LOL!! Also, there was a shooting in the school yard. The crazy thing was that it happened at 3pm when the kids were suppose to get out of school. Only it was a half a day and the school yard was empty when it happened. I remember running to the school yard when I saw all the police cars and seeing two people laying covered with blankets. That was one of the things that made my mother want to move out of the neighborhood. I missed it when I left. I want to mention my friends Glenda, Yvette and Luz from Norfolk Street. Lunch times we were free to roam around. We would Go to the pickle stand on Essex and get 3 pickles for 5 cents. Also, We would go to those two candy stores on Norfolk Street or the cheap pizza shop on the corner of Essex and Delancy. I had another friend Grisella who lived on Suffolk and her building had a fire and they were living in a burned out building. I would love to contact them again.

  7. Rosalia says:

    I went to ps160 too,live in suffolk st.Spoky school.It was a castle to me those days,so big!And yes there were lots of P.R. People from P.R.nice place.yes this cookie fabric.IWent to school in 1965until 1971.Nice thoose está!

  8. Marina Kapassakis says:

    I remember PS. 160. I attended from 1948 to 1952, then went to Sumner JR HS 65 on Forsyth Street. I lived at 142 Suffolk Street. I remember how much fun school was and all the wonderful teachers. Mostly, I remember, Mrs Meehan, Ms McLaughlin amd Mrs Ratkowski, My very favorite was Mrs Charlotte Walsh. She was my fourth grade teacher who used to tell us… “Put your Thinking Caps on.” She said this when she was giving us an oral test. I passed this saying on to my grandchildren. Mrs Dawley was the Principle and everyone was scared of her as she was very strict! I remember Flag Day as we did the Maypole Dance and everyone dressed in red, white and blue.My best friends were Rose DiGaetano (wish I could locate her), Arline Silverman, and Maria Flores. I have soooo many memories of PS 160!!
    I loved growing up in the lower east side. The people there were like family and we were mostly Immigrants, who loved America and the opportunity it gave us.

    • Angela Cannata says:

      I was excited to read your comments on PS160. I lived across the street on Rivington where I was born. I also attended the school from 1948 to 1952. You brought to mind Mrs. Ratkowski. She was a heavyset women who always wore a pretty watch or pin on her blouse or dress. I remember the fire drills in the basement. Scared me to death! Remember the lunch area too and after lunch playing dodgeball in the schoolyard. Do you remember leaving every Wednesday afternoon to go to religious instructions at Our Lady of sorrows church? Wish you were here to sit and talk to. ☺️☺️

    • Opal Ingram says:

      wow I remember Mrs Charlotle Walsh I remember that line I say that all the time when I want to remember something Let me Put my thinking caps on one of my friends was name vilma and petra – vilma live in the same building on Suffolk street

  9. Marta says:

    Does anyone remember the name of the student burned/killed in the school. Was she Puerto Rican?

  10. Annette (then-Andu) says:

    Attended 160 from 1951 to 1957. Remember Ratkowski and Walsh, had her in 4th grade, winning 3rd grade class spelling bees against the twins Lance and Vance, working on projects with Ellen and Martin and ending up at PS 188 for the SP program, not to mention the social fun I had after school with names I won’t mention. Great memories! Hot dogs at the deli on Rivington st. yum.!.

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