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  • ForgottenTour 47, Hunters Point, Queens

    August 14, 2011

    The latest ForgottenTour, 47th in a series that goes back to June 1, 1999, met at 10:30AM on Saturday, August 13th in Hunters Point, narrated by your webmaster and the Greater Astoria Historical Society‘s Rich Melnick. It was the most successful ForgottenTour of the 2011 season to date as over 40 ForgottenFans signed on for 3 hours […]

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  • A la recherche du lampes perdu

    August 1, 2011

    Sorry for paraphrasing your classic, Marcel, but after NYC has now replaced virtually all its everyday lamppost luminaires (light bulbs and the hardware that houses them, for 95% of FNY readers who aren’t into lamppost minutiae) I got to thinking about some of the local Little Neck lamppost anachronisms I found after I moved in on July […]

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