BOND made good buildings

The broad building with the defunct clock tower on the east side of Flatbush Avenue just south of the Prospect Park entrance at Ocean Avenue is the former Bond Bread factory (slogan: Bond Makes Good Bread) whose baking aromas used to suffuse the neighborhood, greeting Brooklyn Dodgers fans en route to Ebbets Field. It was a bakery from 1925, when it was built, to the 1960s. While the ground floor houses a retailer/wholesaler, the rest of the building awaits restoration.


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  1. Al Trojanowicz says:

    I worked around the corner on Empire Blvd starting in the early 1970s. It was a commercial bakery then (maybe not Bond any longer, though the Bond sign was still on the tower), and continued baking probably into the 1980s or later.

    • Helen says:

      Bond factory closed as bakery in late 1972 or early 1973. I save a rolling pin from their final clean-out. Imagine a bread factory these days even owning a huge wooden rolling pin!

      • Bob Marvin says:

        NO, I bought my house nearby in 1974 and fondly remember the smell of bread baking the first severak years I jived in the neighborhood.

  2. Sandi Lusk says:

    I grew up across the street on Lincoln Road and Flatbush Ave in the corner building and remember smelling the bread baking and going to their thrift store.

  3. Charles Townley says:

    Thanks to ‘forgotten ny’, I’ve seen the bakery where my father was a truck driver,back in the 40’s. There must have been something wrong with the rear doors ’cause every once in a while,a big ol’ bag of bread and rolls would fall off the back of the truck.(so the story goes),and end up being shared by our neighbors. i think we lived on Foster the time. Thank you,Forgotten NY.

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