The Cheyenne Diner began as the Market Diner at 9th Avenue and 33rd Street sometime in the early 1940s. The diner manufacturer was Paramount Modular Concepts of Oakland, NJ, in business since 1932 and one of only a handful of diner manufacturers (Diner-Mite of Atlanta, GA, De Raffele of New Rochelle, NY, and Kullman of Lebanon, NJ are among the others) still in operation today; Kullman doesn’t seem to be making them anymore, however.

After several decades, the rent was raised and the owner decided to close the Cheyenne in 2008. The diner was preserved, however, and moved to Birmingham, Alabama in 2009. There the story seems to end, as I haven’t been able to find out about how it’s faring there.

After two years as an empty lot, construction has begun on the site formerly occupied by the diner.


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  1. Dale Olson says:

    I love pictures of old New York! I’v e been collecting vintage postcards of the city for over 20 years and I can’t get enough of it! Thank you!

  2. Chip says:

    I recently saw the film “An Englishman in New York” which had extensive scenes filmed at the Cheyenne. I was hoping the diner was still around, although I dimly recalled hearing it was gone. Thanks for confirming my fears. I hope it is alive and well in its new home. Manhattan’s loss is Alabama’s gain!

  3. ken mac says:

    A friend who lives in Birmingham hasn’t been able to locate the Cheyenne either

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