It appears as if the discount furniture stores that mostly  line the north side of Surf Avenue from Stillwell Avenue to West 8th Street will be moving out soon. At least I heard that rumor. In the Coney Island classic era, the early to mid-20th Century, amusements and amusement parks like Dreamland were here, as well as the B&B Carousell (sic) which was removed for repair a few years ago. Hopefully, amusements wil once again occupy the space.

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  1. Paul A. Toomey says:

    Low rent and even lower quality furniture garbage drew these businesses along with schlock clothing stores to this side of Surf avenue. Pressed wood, cheap formica and other crap that would last maybe one year along with clothing that would soon be stuck in your car trunk were the selling points. Good riddance. At least they had roofs instead of S-ITTS tent city!

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