The Ruby M. tugboat accompanies a barge in Upper New York Bay, September 10, 2011.

Built in 1967, by Jakobson Shipyard of Oyster Bay, New York (hull #433) as the Texaco Fire Chief for Texaco Marine. 

The tug was later acquired by Dann Ocean Towing of Miami, Florida where she was renamed as the Ruby M. 

She is a model bow, twin screw ABS Maltese Cross A-1 Towing Service; Maltese Cross AMS certified tug. Powered by two Caterpillar D-398 TA diesel main engines with Caterpillar reduction gears turning via 7(in) shafts two 96(in) diameter by 60(in) fixed pitch propellers. 

Her electrical service is provided by two Caterpillar generators one 40 kw and one 60 kw. The tug’s capacities are 32,000 gallons of fuel oil, 100 gallons of hydraulic oil, 500 gallons of lube oil, 3,000 gallons potable water. 

The towing gear consists of 1,200(ft) of 8(in) hawser. Tugboat Information

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