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  1. Joel F. says:

    It says in the picture “Kahal Kehilas Yoseph Papa” which means “Congregation Community of Yosef Pupa” the second word is a rough translation of the word Kehilas (or Kehilat) is spoken Hebrew. Papa or Pupa was a town in Eastern Europe where the group that created the synagogue came from. Who Yoseph (or Joseph) is i don’t know because i am not from the area.

  2. Ghottistyx says:

    “Kahal Kehilat Yoseph Puppa” is Hebrew. Puppa (pronounced Poop-uh) is a town currently located in NW Hungary. Most of their adherents died during the Holocaust. But after the war, they proliferated like crazy. Currently, they are the second largest group in Williamsburg, with around 3,000 followers (in Brooklyn alone).

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