While scuttling furtively through the streets of New York, looking down while trying to avoid meeting the gaze of my betters, I sometimes catch sight of elements that the more industrious, competent and confident New Yorkers fail to see.

One of these is the sidewalk plates that were installed by long-ago concrete pourers and sidewalk manufacturers to identify their businesses to anyone who too care to notice. They’re a window into the past, calling attention to no-longer surviving businesses.

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  1. Evelyn says:

    Thank-You for your website. I happened upon it while looking for the name of a sidewalk installer circa 1800’s Titusville, PA. The metal nameplate says, ” Ohas. J. ???? I got moved here by my husband from the NY/NJ area almost 2 yrs. ago Oh how I miss the NY area. So now that we live here I am trying to learn about this region that started the oil industry many, many years before the Arabs found oil in the east. Thank-You Evelyn

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