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I just stumbled on a pile of photos I took in Prospect Cemetery in Jamaica, Queens in 2004. History under our noses has been pretty much left to the vandals, though cemetery caretaker Cate Ludlam’s tireless work has enabled the reconstruction of the cemetery chapel, which is now a concert and events hall.

Still, the cemetery was founded in 1668, not long after Jamaica was called by its Dutch name, Rustdorp. This is one of the intact headstones, the oldest remaining of which goes back to 1710 or so.

Thou art dust.

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  1. stever says:

    I’ve looked out at this cemetery for over 35 years from the window of a passing LIRR train, and I am amazed and pleased that anything at all remains. I remember it in the days before York College was built and south of the LIRR was a desolate no-mans land. Those were also the days when St Monica’s Church still stood, decrepit in its own right. Thanks to those who keep it going.

  2. Sylviam says:

    I was baptized at St. Monica’s Catholic Church in 1951. I also have fond memories of my grandfather taking me to Kings Park on (I believe) Jamaica Avenue as a child.
    I have been taking the LIRR for forty years and never fail to look out the window at Prospect Park Cemetary, the facade that’s left of St. Monica’s (It has been renovated & the front facade of the building was kept) I don’t know what the building houses now.
    I have been planning on getting off the train in Jamaica & taking a trip down memory lane. However, I never seem to have the time.
    Thanks for posting the photo of the headstone & the age of Prospect Park Cemetary.

  3. barb g says:

    if this little cemetary is right on jamaica ave, i used to walk past there in the 60s, on my way to the OLD public library, which may have been at sutphin. the NEW library was opened in 1965, so it was before that. i was a kid, but fascinated with the old headstones.

    • robert carroll says:

      The “Old Library” you reffered to was on west side of Parsons Blvd.between Jamaica Ave. and Hillside Ave.

  4. Johnperry says:

    Can you get to walk around this cemetary I pass it on the train and IikeNY history

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