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  1. David Briggs says:

    This is the grave site of my paternal great grandmother’s first cousin. She was Mary Degnon Briggs, and Michael John Degnon was her first cousin. Their fathers were brothers. Her father was James Degnon. His father was John Degnon. Mary Degnon Briggs remained in Cleveland, Ohio though her brother, David James Degnon, moved to New York to work for his very wealthy cousin. Michael John Degnon (buried her) had four sons by his first wife (Mary Davis Degnon) and, after her death, he married a much younger woman (Gertrude Foxall here in Berea, Ohio) . They went on to have 9 more children! Is there any way of learning what other Degnons are buried with him and Gertrude? The cemetery is of little help. Thanks for posting this. It’s all very interesting.

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