I wonder what the story is with this seemingly abandoned Tudor at 115-8 Park Lane South in Kew Gardens. At least I think it’s abandoned. The grass had been unmowed for months, and the gate was wide open and I walked right onto the lawn.

Been looking for a place to put the ever-growing ForgottenResearch. Maybe I found the place.

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  1. Mark Nahmias says:

    I may have visited this house between 1972-79. It belonged to my first wife’s cousin Conrad. This family was plagued by divorce. During that period her brother & her two first cousins all divorced. This was a very beautiful house with a ceramic tile entry hall & custom wood work. I believe that the house was sold & the procedes were split between Conrad & Dorene (very civilized). In 1982 I followed the herd & opted out of that family ( I had married into the downscale part of it). It looks like this house is no longer a home for anyone & I’ll bet that the next owner subdivides it into apartments. “Preserve your memories, they’re all that’s left to you now”.

  2. MItch says:

    With all that land and being located in Queens (the borough with architectural Alzheimer’s disease), it is more likely to get demolished and replaced with a “Fedders Special” style apartment building. Victory will be declared only when all the trees, grass and other forms of vegetation have been thoroughly removed and all the surrounding property paved over with clean white concrete.

  3. K-Train says:

    It’s not uncommon that after the original owner of a house dies, the home and property can get tied up in estate issues among surviving relatives or beneficiaries sometimes for months or years on end .Another probable scenario is that the house could be owned by a bank or mortgage company as part of a foreclosure proceeding.(PS If you go to the nyc.gov website you can look up property records going back about 30 years thru their ACRIS database for all the boros except Staten Island.)

  4. June Cleaved says:

    Beautiful house. Would love to see interior shots. Hope it survives.

  5. George Tsourounakis says:

    This house actually has a lot of history. When the house was first built it housed a man (he may have been a scientist, I’m not sure). There was a fire shortly after the man who lived there moved in and he died in the fire. The house was rebuilt later on and it has been passed from family to family and I have not seen anyone actually occupy that house for a long time. This information is from my mom, if you were wondering.

  6. Malini says:

    Thank you for posting about the mansion that my husband and I have coined “the old mansion”. We live very close to it for decades and have been wondering when it will be lived in again. It’s been almost a year and a half now. I hope it isn’t raised.

  7. Dave says:

    House was bought sometime in 2007. They changed the windows, cleaned up the lawn,threw a party outside the house and that was it.
    One of the best looking properties in Kew Gardens. I just hope it stays that way and doesn’t get butchered and remodeled into an architectural nightmare like some of the homes in Forest Hills did.

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