There’s no mistake about where you are on Jamaica Avenue.

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  1. Euclid Avenue A Train says:

    Now Just Add A Humpback and a Clearview for the complete set.

  2. Heartland says:

    I remember it well. I worked in that neighborhodd from 1985 until my retirement in 2004. Gertz Plaza is one block west of there. NY State & SSA “invested” a lot of money in the place including a major renovation in 2000 which was completed in 2001. And guess what? They ceased operations at that location & relocated to Manhattan (from whence we came) in 2005. I attended the decommissioning party just before my move to AZ & I haven’t returned since. Perhaps Clint Eastwood can film another one of those sanctimonious sermons which masquerades as an ad (Winston Smith: Do you love Big Brother yet?).

  3. barb g says:

    or, as we say in south queens: jamayker avenoo.

  4. Larry Mac says:

    I have nothing bad to say about Jamaica, Queens except for later in this post. I used to catch the el at 168th Street and Jamaica Avenue in 1965 quite a bit off the Bee Line bus out of Hempstead. I also remember well the Union Hall Street station on the Long Island Rail Road. Going to Hempstead the train would roll out of Jamaica and screech to a halt just a few hundred yards later. The shopping was great in Jamaica a 60 years ago but when the neighborhood changed all I can remember is my arms in the air while hoping not to be shot as my wallet went away for reparations.

    • april says:

      I used to go to Jamaica with my mom quite often in the early ’60s. It was always Mays first, and 3-for-a-quarter (or was it a dime?) hot pretzels outside. Then on to Lin’s (Lind’s? Lyn’s?) by the bus terminal. My mom got shot in the head by a bb which luckily grazed her scalp but ended our movie at the Valencia. By the early ’70s, it was “kool” to shop under the el; soon enough the shadow that hung over the street (Ave.) was gone. Soon too we’d stop taking the Beeline Bus to Hempstead and/or the F train to 169th Street, the L.I.R.R. to Long Beach. I can’t say I remember the Union Hall Street station, but I sure do remember Robert Hall – but I think that was in Jackson Heights!

  5. John Murtha says:

    I thought I would add some info, they are erecting those new Triboro Bridge Lights on Jamaica Ave. by York College maybe further also, by Social Security Office Side and West Bound Side of Jamaica Ave.

  6. stever says:

    I’m just surprised that an old blue and white queens street sign is still in place. Yes, Jamaica was the place to be in the 60s. It has never recovered.

    • KevinJWalsh says:

      I believe the city is on a lamppost replacement program on Jamaica Avenue, so those remaining white and blues may be going.

  7. Jim says:

    LOL I’ll start calling it the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge when I start saying Avenue Of The Americas!

  8. Street names here in NYC sometimes change at the intersection… It’s alright 163rd Street, we like that you’re friends with yourself!

  9. DeviantSole says:

    That older signage is being replaced on Jamaica Ave for the new standard signs. yes, “boo-hiss!” I know.

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