The painted ponies go up and down, just to the west.

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  1. The supporting structure for the Brooklyn Bridge (on the Brooklyn side). The painted ponies are the horses that go up and down on Jane’s Carousel in nearby Brooklyn Bridge Park.

  2. Gary Farkash says:

    Central park by the Police station at the 79th st underpass?

  3. chris says:

    Wild guess, Willowbrook?

  4. kikki says:

    it’s a leap, but central park??? i’ve been out of the city for toooo long…

  5. ron salyk says:

    How about Forest park, near carousel?

  6. Lloyd Sabin says:

    Are you in Coney Island near the old Steeplechase site, maybe on Surf or Neptune Avenues?

  7. chris says:

    Sorry, bad link. Try this one. And it is Center Drive, not Central.


  8. Jamie says:

    Looks like the AMTRAK tunnel vents in Riveside Park.

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