…. at 61st Street and Flushing Avenue. Trolley service along Fresh Pond Road began in 1896 and ended in the 1940s; the northernmost section of the line used 61st Street to reach Flushing Avenue, which had been laid out in its present form in 1893. Before that time it was the Brooklyn and Newtown Turnpike.

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  1. Jamie says:

    When I was working for DDC, back in the late 90’s, we removed double Trolley tracks under Manhattan Ave from Ash St to Nassau. In Bay Ridge, we hit double Trolley tracks under Bay Ridge Parkway but left them in place and tunneled under to install a 20″ water main…so they should still be there.

  2. Anders Goldfarb says:

    I was living in Greenpoint, Brooklyn at the time and photographed much of the Manhattan Ave. track removal.

  3. anja says:

    river st. in new haven, ct has(had?) them.

  4. somebody says:

    Grand Avenue in Maspeth, Queens near 72 Street has them paved over, but they may be exposed by the wear of time. I’m not sure; I haven’t been there in a while. They may be part of the same trolley line.

  5. was thinking of you the other day…in kew gardens, on union turnpike, just under the underpass, there’s some exposed trolly track also. saw it when i was wlaking to the subway station.

  6. Mike says:

    I don’t remember the trolleys on Flushing Ave., but I remember the trolley buses that ran until the late 1950s. Trolley buses also ran along Ralph Ave.

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