Last one to guess is  a rotten egg. Specific corner, please.

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  1. RICHIE says:


  2. Joe Fliel says:

    This photo was taken in Greenpoint, looking west on North Henry Street, between Meserole and Norman Avenues.

  3. Joe Fliel says:

    Re specific corner, you must have used a telephoto, or zoom lens to get that shot from Norman Avenue. Nice shot of our world famous water treatment plant “t*ts”.

  4. Corner of Henry and Norman in Greenpoint!

  5. Jeremy Hilary Boob, PhD, says:

    Goo-goo goo-joob.

  6. George says:

    Looking toward the water treatment plant from the corner of North Henry Street and Norman Avenue, Brooklyn, NY.

  7. Tal Barzilai says:

    I am guessing it could be in East Williamsburg, because the tank in the background looks familiar being that it’s probably part of the industrial park.

  8. barb g says:

    nah, kevin, i had no idea. but i’m from queens!

  9. Pete F says:

    We know you wuz out with Miss Heather!!!

  10. Joseph Ciolino says:

    The Newtown Creek plant was a dead give-away!

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