These ‘humpback’ navy and white street signs were standard issue in Manhattan and the Bronx from 1913 until the early 1960s. Politically, Manhattan and the Bronx were the same county until 1914.

This intersection no longer exists, as East 177th was replaced by the Cross-Bronx Expressway in the 1950s.

C.L. Croes was a 19th Century NYC civil engineer.

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5 Responses to AS THE CROES FLIES

  1. Wayne Whitehorne says:

    Croes Avenue is next to an even stranger-named street: Fteley Avenue. Any idea who or what Fteley was (and how do you pronounce it)?

  2. Tal Barzilai says:

    It’s common to lose a number of streets when a highway gets built over them, so this isn’t something new here.

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