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This pedestrian bridge takes parkgoers between Flushing Meadows Corona Park and the Queens Botanical Garden over College Point Boulevard near Booth Memorial Avenue. The inscription, which appears on both sides of the bridge, has been there for years.

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  1. Joel Frid says:

    I live a mile from this bridge. A number of years ago, the bridge was rehabilitated and it may have been at the same time the treatment plant nearby was built. Anyway, around that time, the inscriptions appeared!

  2. Tal Barzilai says:

    I pass by this bridge every time I go to a Mets game, so I have seen this writing a lot.

  3. Wm. Grodnick says:

    Greetings all. Does anyone remember that there was man who use to stand on these bridges
    (in Western Queens) dressed in an ‘Uncle Sam’ costume adorn with American Flags from head to toe.
    Who is he? Does anyone know anything about him.

    CW2 Wm. Grodnick
    Bagram, Airfield

    • The Flag Man of Queens is Luis, a mild-mannered Ecuadorean immigrant. I think the Queens Tribune once wrote about him. Other local costumed characters include Oswaldo Gomez, the bearded cross-dresser from Jackson Heights, who dyed his dog’s fur and his beard.

  4. Michael says:

    I believe this inscription was placed shortly after 9/11

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