Periodically, I make a hajj over to 539 Driggs Avenue, not far from the buzzing hive of downtown Williamsburg. I just want to see if what I have termed the ‘spook house of Williamsburg’ is still in this wondrously deteriorated condition, with the ruined barber pole proclaiming its past life, the stars and stripes displayed in the front door, the cracked facade, the venetian blinds askew, and the back house that you can’t see from the street.

2013: Yes, the building is owned and occupied, by a fellow named Tarpey. There was an item on Vimeo about him recently:


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  1. alphonsegaston says:

    Wonderful! I looked at this right after reading today’s NYT story on the perennial appeal of haunted houses, “No Rest for the Eerie.”

  2. binnie sen says:

    What about the other house that is in the back yard? Accessible through the side gate?

  3. yvonne says:

    i absolutely am fascinated by old NEW YORK…being 3 generation nyc gal.
    i sometimes wish i can turn the hands of time back..

  4. Charles Bruni says:

    I was in this place last Monday night. The code is two light short knocks, a hard knock, then a two second scrape to get in. If the guy who opens up asks for a password just look at him like he’s stupid and walk past him. Ordering the wrong beer will get you kicked out. It’s facade is to keep rubes out. Keep this under your hats..


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