I haven’t done anything at all on New Street, which runs from Beaver north to Wall Streets between Broadway and Broad Street in the Financial District. That’s mostly because there’s not much to see there from a FNY standpoint, and it’s a somewhat grimy and uninteresting stretch. Because of its proximity to Wall Street it’s usually closed to traffic and has suffered from that; there’s an occasional barbershop or pizzeria but not much else. However I was heading up New Street the other day because all the other streets down there I’ve memorized to a great degree.

I spotted this carven bull above the door at 81 New. It’s a side door in the massive Standard Oil Building that fronts on 26 Broadway. I’d imagine it predates by several decades Arturo Di Modica’s Charging Bull bronze at Broadway and Whitehall, but I also wonder if the bull’s presence here is in hommage to the term for a rising stock market?

Or, maybe I’m all wet and this bull is a recent addition honoring those Wall Street bulls?


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