Forest Hills Gardens, a ritzy community on the south side of the LIRR main line tracks roughly between Continental Avenue, Union Turnpike, the LIRR and Greenway South, was one of America’s first planned developments. It was begun in 1908 and its English green style setting is the work of Frederick Law Olmsted Jr., the son of the co-designer of Central and Prospect Parks. Its well-kept buildings are mostly in a Georgian aor Tudor style, laid out along mostly narrow streets that defy the surrounding Queens grid.

The develpment has street fixtures like streetlamps and signs that are unique to the community and found nowhere else in NYC, with a few distinct designs. I’ll detail the lampposts in a future post but here’s an example of the street signs, which were slightly altered about 25 years ago with a new Optima font for the lettering.


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  1. Tal Barzilai says:

    I don’t see why they need to deny parking for others on the street when most the houses and apartments there either have garages or driveways on their property.

    • Jeff B says:

      Take a look at google maps street view of Forest Hills Gardens as described above – the streets are extremely narrow. They are barely wide enough to allow a 2 cars abreast. Parking everywhere in there would most likely impede the passage of emergency vehicles, risking lives and property.

      • John says:

        That’s a bunch of B.S.! They just want to be pretentious and show that they have money and be exclusive. I recently had my car booted and it was a horrible experience. I’m suing the coorperation because the poor signage makes it easy to mistakenly park in there “exclusive” area.

        • Vin says:

          They pay for the maintenance of their own streets, they can do whatever they want. You should be lucky youre even allowed to drive on them.

  2. Al Trojanowicz says:

    I think the parking restrictions are more intended to keep the “wrong” people out of this “neighborhood”. We also see such restrictions in other areas (one in the news lately with hurricane damage).

  3. mslater says:

    As a former resident of “The Gardens”, it’s my understanding the parking rules are a result of a covenent between the original developer’s and the City. The streets are considered private and upkeep is paid for by the property owner’s. The hundreds of trees and shrubs on community grounds are maintained by the Corporation as well. Police and fire protection still come from the City, but if you park in The Garden’s without the appropriate sticker in your window the chances of a wheel being booted are high and it costs in the neighborhood of $150.00 to have it removed.

    • John says:

      And not to mention the company running the towing is SHADY! The guy offered to take $60 in his pocket to avoid putting me in the system and unbooting. It’s a VERY shady operation and if you are in the same boat as me. I suggest you join me in a Civil Suit.

  4. John says:

    If you have been booted or towed for parking in this “neighborhood”, please contact me and join me in my Civil Suit against the corporation!

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