I passed the mystery house of Bay Ridge, 457 Ovington, between 4th and 5th the other day, and it is as immutable as ever. The blinds are still lowered, the paint has chipped just a bit more than when I passed it by in 2007, and it seems as uninhabited as it did when I lived in the area between 1982-1990. Word came to me in ’07 ┬áthat someone did indeed live here, but as ever, the edifice gives no indication that anyone does.


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  1. scott says:

    Property records have the owner as Anita Aguirre, born 1915 died 1999.

  2. Stephanie says:

    I see a car in the driveway, so I would assume that it’s still inhabited.

  3. r185 says:

    I may have been the person who mentioned seeing signs of light (if not actual life) in the house in 2007. (I know I did offer a Comment about it mentioning that I had regularly seen a light on in what I assume is a upstairs bedroom.) At the time I also tried to get Christopher Gray of the NYT to do something on it in his Sunday column, but I’d have to move it to the Upper East Side to get him interested.

  4. Anja says:


  5. Elvira Stitt says:

    Blanche & Jane Hudson, both in their early 100s by now.

    Found nearly starved to death on a California beach back in 1962, she moved to Brooklyn, followed by her sister, shortly after having served her sentence for manslaughter.

    On occasion, there have been reports of horrible, off-key singing/croaking emanating from house, accompanied by an even worse, out of tune piano.

  6. Jordan Shoor says:

    The hedge looks like it has been shaped, so I figure someone is maintaining the building one way or another.

  7. M. Roccanova says:

    This house is NOT haunted OR abandoned. There ARE people living in it. Why does everyone assume without knowing? The house is an architectural wonder. PEOPLE…MIND YOUR P’s and Q’s !!!

  8. John says:

    Probably built around 1899.

  9. Robert says:

    Have you gotten any more insight into this house or its history? I pass it frequently and am always fascinated by its style. Are the garages old stables? I walked through there today and they look like it on the inside…

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