This ad for Norge Appliances, seen from the Myrtle Avenue platform on the Broadway el in Bushwick, has probably been there since the World War II era, and the clock has probably been stopped almost as long. (Norge is what Norwegians call their home country.) The brand has since passed through many hands.

The Norge refrigerator line was headed by a brilliant engineer named Howard Blood who dabbled in both technical and aesthetic aspects of refrigeration. Of some note, the early Norge refrigerators were among the first to offer “features” in addition to a cold box…

…The Norge company history is a sad tale of corporate mergers. Norge was bought by Magic Chef which in turn was absorbed by Maytag which is now a division of Samsung. Today, the Norge refrigerator is mainly remembered for Dan Ackroyd’s portrayal of a Norge repairman on Saturday Night Live. jitterbuzz


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  1. Ruth says:

    Can a person still buy a Norge washing machine? If so where can one be purchased? Anywhere in Canada?

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