This Beekman Paper ad is familiar to motorists, at least those paying attention, traveling south on Varick Street on the way to the Holland Tunnel. The company was founded by Max and Ida Greenbaum on Beekman Street in 1907, moving to Varick Street in 1926. The Indispensable Walter Grutchfield has a photo of the ad in 1991, when it was considerably sharper. According to him, Beekman Paper was in business until the late 1990s.

Note that there’s still a piece of the ad that’s still quite clear at the very bottom. I wonder what happened to the rest of it. I’d imagine there was an obstruction that kept the sun from getting at it.



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6 Responses to BEEKMAN PAPER, SoHo

  1. scott vautrin says:

    I just discovered that my great-grandfather worked at the Beekman Paper Company. Its great to see that there is some kind of lasting legacy!!

    I always wondered if someone was documenting these signs that I see every day. As an architect in New York City, I see these pieces of history slowly disappearing with new projects going up.

    • Rachel says:

      Hi Scott:
      I’m working on a multimedia project about these old business. I assume your grandfather is no longer alive…but should you know of anyone else who worked at Beekman, I’d love to hear from them!

  2. Carolyn tunon says:

    I worked at Beekman paper company when I was younger and everyone was amazing from the staff to the owner one of my best jobs ever…

    • Deborah (Hausman) Klein says:

      Hi Carolyn,
      I just saw your comment on Beekman Paper.
      My dad worked there until for over 40 years. I remember going there growing up. It was wonderful! His name was Herb Hausman.

  3. Kathleen (n. Barry) Bhandari says:

    I worked there 1980-1982 straight out of HS. I remember Herb Hausman – a very nice man! He worked with my uncle (James Gennity). It really was a wonderful place to work.

  4. glen says:

    My father Ara Chakarian worked at Beekman for most of his professional career. I remember he used to take me to his office sometimes as a child and teen, when I would visit my grandmothers. I loved it! I have very fond memories and whenever I am downtown, I recall those days of traveling off to the city through the early morning traffic via the Holland Tunnel only to do it once again 8 hours later at the end of the day! …Never understand how he could go through all that madness of the morning and evening commute!

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