In February 2010 I wrote about the Type 1 BC bishop crook post at Centre and Grand Streets in SoHo and its accumulated rust. King of NYC Lampposts Bob Mulero reports that the rust problem hasn’t really been alleviated, and the near-century-old post, with its gaslamp ladder rest hommage, seems to be listing a bit in the aftermath of recent roadway construction.

It has, however, been given a new Bell fixture, replacing the sodium-lamp “bucket” it has sported since the mid-1980s.


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5 Responses to CENTRE STREET Bishop Crook

  1. John Murtha says:

    It is ashamed that they can’t just spend sometime and at least put some primer and some paint on these Old Bishop Crooks. The new ones can’t withstand the wind most are facing the wrong direction.

  2. Kiwiwriter says:

    That one definitely needs some TLC.

  3. Glen Norman says:

    All right, NYCDOT–at least you’ve added a retro Bell to this post. Now how about getting of those ugly buckets at 6th & Walker, and Hamilton Place & Amesterdam Avenue?

  4. sorry but that cute little orange light makes the lamp look as if it has a boil on its bum.

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