GANG OF FOUR in Chase Plaza


French sculptor Jean Dubuffet‘s 25-ton sculpture Group of Four Trees is featured in Chase Manhattan Plaza, between Pine, Liberty, Nassau, and William Streets, consists of fiberglass, aluminum and steel fabricated near Paris and then shipped to New York for installation in 1972. It is nearly 4 stories high, making it one of NYC’s largest pieces of public art.


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3 Responses to GANG OF FOUR in Chase Plaza

  1. NY2AZ says:

    Send it back to France because it’s hideous. What a difference a century makes: about 100 years prior France gave us The Statue Of Liberty. 1972: this, er, THING. What a joke.

    • DennisP says:

      I always thought that what Chase Plaza needs is more trees with seating underneath. They would look especially nice surrounding the sunken fountain.

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