GANG OF FOUR in Chase Plaza

French sculptor Jean Dubuffet‘s 25-ton sculpture Group of Four Trees is featured in Chase Manhattan Plaza,¬†between Pine, Liberty, Nassau, and William Streets, consists of fiberglass, aluminum and steel fabricated near Paris and then shipped to New York for installation in 1972. It is nearly 4 stories high, making it one of NYC’s largest pieces of public art.


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3 Responses to GANG OF FOUR in Chase Plaza

  1. NY2AZ says:

    Send it back to France because it’s hideous. What a difference a century makes: about 100 years prior France gave us The Statue Of Liberty. 1972: this, er, THING. What a joke.

    • DennisP says:

      I always thought that what Chase Plaza needs is more trees with seating underneath. They would look especially nice surrounding the sunken fountain.

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