This faces the Holland Tunnel ramps on Broome east of Varick. The painted sign has held up fairly well over the decades. The company supplied power plant equipment such as boilers and pumping systems to the ships in the now-vanished Hudson River port in Manhattan, and also serviced pumps and other equipment. There were branches in Hoboken, NJ and Long Beach, CA. The company went kaput by the mid-1970s. The Hudson River area is now occupied by a park, and much of NYC’s former port is.


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  1. MARINE ENGINE SPECIALTIES, SoHo | | Forgotten New YorkForgotten New York

  2. Susan Nye says:

    It was always a treat to go to “dad’s” office in the late 1950’s and 60’s at Marine Engine Specialties. There was a lot of excavation then because the World Trade Center was being built nearby and the Holland Tunnel ramps were being reconfigured. My dad was a marine engineer who was killed while boarding a tanker in the Canary Islands in December, 1967, but I remember going up there; the ceilings were so high!
    This was a wonderful old building and a part of early NY maritime port history. I hope someone will restore it and leave the outside writing as it is.

  3. Leslie Barratt says:

    I definitely remember Mr. Louie Nye, who lived in W. Orange, I think, and I remember the horrible phone call we got from Spain (and which my sister had to interpret) in 1967. Marine Engine Specialties (later MESCO) was my father’s company, and it went bankrupt after he died, but I also loved visiting the offices, eating at a small Italian restaurant down the Street, and playing with the giant switchboard his receptionist used. Visiting the NJ offices he moved much of it to in the 1960s and the other company offices around the US was never quite the same because the Broome Street office had a family atmosphere to it. I am really grateful that the facade still has the company name.

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