NECK ROAD, Gravesend

The station on the Brighton Line (Q train) on Gravesend Neck Road has been named simply Neck Road since its inception nearly 100 years ago. It’s one of the only cases in which the MTA succumbs to local colloquy, since I gather that neighborhood denizens shorten the name almost unanimously, though official street signs dutifully render the “Gravesend.”

The “Neck,” as in my neighborhood Little Neck, refers to a short peninsula, which Gravesend Neck Road once reached, as the neighborhood once consisted of dry land jutting into a swamp.

Incidentally I’m a fan of the recent wave of station renovations, though it seems the ones that really need it like West 4th and Van Alst haven’t been serviced in decades.


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5 Responses to NECK ROAD, Gravesend

  1. Heimen Stoffels says:

    West 4th you say? Have you not seen Chambers St (J) (Z)?

    • Kevin Walsh says:

      I couldn’t name every station that needs work. I’d be here all day.

      • Allen says:

        They did a ton of work on Chambers Street about 2008, including removing all the lead paint from the station. It unlikely anything for this low use station will be done at anytime soon.

  2. Gary Fonville says:

    I agree with Mr. Stoffels. Thjere are many that need to be rehabbed. Chambers Street on the J/Z is the WORST station in the system when it comes to a subway station that needs rehabilitation.

  3. Chip says:

    The MTA rehabs stations and then does not maintain them so they fall back into terrible shape – a complete waste of the money that was spent on the rehab. Prime example is the IND 7th Avenue Station (E,D and B trains). whose ceiling is all peeling from water drippings. Most of the “new” tiles that were put down near the platform edges are worn away from the continual water dripping. But it was checked off on someone’s list as “rehabbed” so it’s completely ignored now.

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