WALKWAY SIGN, Flushing Meadows

With its baseball and tennis racket, as far as I know this is the only MTA black-and-white subway ID or directional sign that contains anything but the name of the station; directions; ID bullet; and hours of service. If there’s an equivalent sign at Yankee Stadium I’m unaware of it. It can be found on the “passerelle” or boardwalk heading north at Roosevelt Avenue.


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  1. John Sterbenz says:

    Might this also be one of the only (only?) modern MTA entrance sign that also says “Subway Station”? You might see “SUBWAY” written on old IRT/BMT signage in places in Manhattan, but all of the new signs over entrance portals as you descend or ascend into them–even those in high-volumes tourist areas such as Times Square–merely have the name of the stop and the lines it services (and the direction of travel for the rare station where that still makes a difference because there’s no mezzanine level nor center platform).

    At least this is my recollection, and my last trip to New York was now more than 6 years ago, so this could have obviously changed.

  2. Ty says:

    My station should say “Welcome! Don’t step in it.”

  3. Kiwiwriter says:

    I still call that stop “Shea Stadium.” I’m 50 years old…

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