CITY VIEW, Maspeth

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Much of Maspeth in southwest Queens sits on a high hill, some of which (not in this particular view) was named the Ridgewood Plateau by real estate developers (an apartment complex was also called Ridgewood Gardens) — though Ridgewood is actually one neighborhood south and southwest from Maspeth. Since Ridgewood was developed before Maspeth, they perhaps hoped to engender familiarity.

Its location gives Maspeth some prime views of the island of Manhattan. Here  from 59th Road and 60th Lane, we can see the tall towers of 40 Wall and 70 Pine on the left, and #1 World Trade Center, which from this angle dwarfs the Woolworth Tower seen directly to its own left.


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3 Responses to CITY VIEW, Maspeth

  1. The Ridgewood Plateau is located on 65th Place in the vicinity of 53rd Drive. This post is incorrect.

  2. Frank Jellison says:

    Maspeth is much older than Ridgewood The following is from Wiki but I have read in other places. The area known today as Maspeth was chartered by Dutch and English settlers in the mid-17th century. The Dutch had purchased land in the area known today as Queens in 1635, and within a few years began chartering towns. In 1642 they settled Maspat, under a charter granted to Rev. Francis Doughty.[1] Maspat became the first European settlement in Queens.[2]

    The name “Maspeth” is derived from the name of Mespeatches Indians, one of the 13 main Indian tribes that inhabited Long Island. It is translated to mean “at the bad waterplace” relating to the many stagnant swamps that existed in the area.

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