BROADWAY at 31st, Astoria

The streets of Astoria, Queens — especially the ones that run north-south– have been through three regimes of street naming. After they were laid out in the 1800s, they were first given names, then numbered avenue names, then numbered street names.

Here’s some proof at Broadway and 31st Street — the street, shrouded by an el since 1920, was first called Debevoise Avenue, then 2nd Avenue, as on this sign, and beginning in the 1920s, 31st Street.

Astoria Street Necrology


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4 Responses to BROADWAY at 31st, Astoria

  1. ron s says:

    Old timers (80+) still refer to shopping on 31st and Ditmars as”going down the avenue”.

  2. TomfromNJ says:

    Nice old street sign…..wonder how long before someone tries to remove it and sell it on ebay….

  3. Rose says:

    I’ve seen that sign before (I have many friends who live off Broadway-I myself am up on Ditmars) and have wondered about it!! Great to know why it’s there 🙂

  4. Tom Fagan says:

    I remember my grandmother (in the 1960’s) referring to 31st street as 2nd avenue and I thought she was confused.

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