A.S. BECK, West 34th Street

Hungarian immigrant Alexander Samuel Beck opened a shoe store with his brother Samuel on Fulton Street in Brooklyn in 1909. After the partnership with his brother dissolved he opened a more successful store on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint in 1914, and Beck was able to expand. After a sale to Saul Schiff in 1945 there were 147 stores in the East, Midwest and South, with as many as 18 stores in Manhattan. Business declined after that, and the store this sign illustrates was the last one remaining in Manhattan at #128 West 34th, across the street from Macy’s, when it closed in 1982.

Subsequent owners have found it too expensive or a pain in the neck to remove, and thus the Deco-y sign’s a reminder of an age when people wore shoes other than sneakers.


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9 Responses to A.S. BECK, West 34th Street

  1. queensbee says:

    i shopped there all the time. they had a store in jamaica, one of my haunts. i think they were in a couple malls too. miss them!

  2. Old Skool says:

    Nice light Kevin. Picks up the detail.

  3. Bob Sklar says:

    Seeing is believing!

  4. My grandfather, Giovanni (John) Arrone Del Monte carved a large statue that was placed “. . . on the A.S.Shoe Store on 5th Avenue . . . in NYC” according to the caption. I’d be happy to email you a copy of the photo if you’d like. Perhaps the statue might still exist somewhere?

  5. David M beck says:

    Hi my name is David Beck and I was told by my cousin Bernice that AS Beck is our Great Grandfathers brother . I am currently gathering genealogical information and would like to know if you have any contact with AS Becks family I would appreciate it if you could let me know my telephone no is 215-327-3827 and my email dmbeck57@yahoo.com thanx very much look forward to hearing from you David

  6. Lynn N says:

    I am cleaning out my parents house and have an AS Beck shoe horn if anyone is interested in it. Happy to send it along to someone that it would have meaning to. Email me at lneacy24@hotmail.com


  7. Lisa Nilsson says:

    My mother said that she worked at this store back in the 40’s and 50’s. Wonderful website!

  8. Apparently, my great uncle Harry Cohen worked there in 1928. I don’t know when he started or finished there, but he was apparently quite successful.

  9. Dianne Nelson says:

    My grandfather, August Henry Lehmann, was the Treasurer for this company. Very successful.

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