During the summer I checked on one of my favorite Bishop Crook posts in the city — one of the few remaining decades-old ones, that is. Though they ruled the streets between 1910 and 1950 or so, between 1950 and 1990 they were largely replaced by modern 8-sided streamlined posts, until the city brought them back for another run.

I know where he older ones are, though, and I was always fascinated by this one — it has the narrower base that was installed on streets with narrow sidewalks, and also has an original scrolled fire alarm light bracket. It once stood on the corner of Warren and Washington Streets.

Washington Street was largely eliminated south of Hubert Street by modern construction, including the old World Trade Center, in the 1970s and 1980s. However, a dead-end piece of Washington Street survived, Belgian blocks and all, until about 2008, when a new mixed-use building finally took it out. This lamppost continued to guard that lonely corner all these years.

Since the post was landmarked the city couldn’t legally scrap it — so it was lovingly restored, including the fire alarm bracket which now holds a larger spherical light, and reinstalled it on the other side of Warren, opposite the old corner where it had been.

See this FNY page for views of the lamp in its original position.


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5 Responses to WARREN STREET POST, 2013

  1. lee says:

    For some reason links on some of your posts don’t work on the iPad, like the “See this FNY page” one in this article.

    • Kevin Walsh says:

      I’m working on it, but it might mean going to a different template, and I just finished moving everything over to WordPress from GoLive

  2. Your blog is really very awesome. You have really helped several of individuals like me by information on topic WARREN STREET POST, 2013…..keep posting…..

  3. Kenny says:

    Has anyone been in the Raccoon Lodge on Warren Street? Is there anyone in a towering Grand Poobah fir hat? Always been curious about that place but usually on bicycle when nearby.

  4. josh says:

    wow, i walk by this several times a week it. i never noticed. my eye probably just assumed that it was one of the retro lamp posts that populate the neighborhood. i will take a closer look next time!

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