TYPE 30 SPECIAL, Central Park West

Of course, I have in my possession a manual depicting the over 200 varieties of lampposts found on NYC streets before 1936, when it was written. Most of these lamppost varieties — which have a flair and a panache that none of the new varieties beginning to appear around town can approach — have gone the way of the stegosaur and the glyptodon.

But there are exceptions, and a pair of Type 30 specials still stand at Central Park West and West 64th street, illuminating a sitting area overlooking the park. I suppose it’d just be too difficult to remove them, so the city lets them be.


There’s plenty of lamppost history around town — you have to know where to look.


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2 Responses to TYPE 30 SPECIAL, Central Park West

  1. Joseph Ditta says:

    You know these are on the roof of restrooms below, right?

  2. Frank says:

    Mr. Walsh, would it be possible for you to direct me to a copy of such a manual? Or possibly scan it (though I would imagine that would require quite a bit of scanning). What is the title?

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