So my new machine, made in Dec 2013, has been installed and is up and running. Of course, like cars, computers are outdated the moment you turn them on.

All my stuff prior to September 2013 was saved by the Mac Time Machine onto an external disk. Of course, that means a year’s worth was lost and so, until I build up a new reserve of photos, I’ll have to rely on the ForgottenArchives quite a bit. Here I thought Time Machine was set it and forget it–I will have to check it from time to time.

I have someone looking at the failed disk from the old machine to see if my stuff can yet be extracted from it, which is some purchased music and a few thousand photos from the past year.

I’ll try to get back to regular postings pretty soon.


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3 Responses to FNY UPDATE

  1. NY2AZ says:

    You mean to tell me that Macs aren’t perfect? Welcome back. I’m looking forward to 2014 with FNY.

  2. Walt Gosden says:

    Kevin, I appreciate your patience and effort to keep all of your material out there in FNY
    so we can all enjoy it. To me computers are like modern transportation – something to put up with because we have to , but I much prefer an old Underwood typewriter and a pre WWII car or train. Much more visually pleasing and the sounds they make are a window to an era most of us were not there for when new.

  3. Bob K says:

    Believe me, FNY is not the first victim of the Mac Time Machine. After a while, the feature’s hard-drive just gets saturated and quits, without warning. BUT, since most iterations of data “saved” include previous iterations, the trick is to “update” the Mac Time Machine hard-drive frequently. At the end of a day or two, open Time Machine, trash obsolete clutter, and keep only the last few folders. That will save whatever FNY wants.
    In addition, there are services — which cost some bucks — which “save” computer data to the Cloud. FNY is such a treasure it should be worth an investment.

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