I’ll likely obtain a new machine this week, and I’ve salvaged photos through the end of 2012 (which unfortunately leaves out what I’ve shot this year), so hopefully postings will resume soon, once the new computer is installed and everything configured.


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  1. Denver Todd says:

    I am sorry about the problem. No fun. Have you considered storing your stuff on the cloud? All the stuff I care about is backed up on Amazon.

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss. Hard drive crashes are a prime reason for storing all valuable data on an external drive, which I hope you’ll consider.

  3. WhoopsieDayze says:

    If the operating system is what went bad on the old drive, you may be able to access your photos by using the new machine’s drive as the main and installing the old drive as a second drive. This will allow you to use the new operating system to retrieve files off the old drive.

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