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A few years ago I found this pair of signs on Sutphin and Archer, a block south of the LIRR Jamaica station. I haven’t walked south on Sutphin Boulevard (perhaps I should) and haven’t found similar signs elsewhere in town.

The piano keys, I’d guess, are in honor of southern Queens’ (especially the Addisleigh neighborhood) claim to fame as being home to quite a number of jazz luminaries. The nearby Chapel of the Sisters, in Prospect Cemetery, was recently rebuilt as the Illinois Jacquet Performance Space; Jacquet lived in southern Queens. [ForgottenTour #51 in April 2012 paid a visit]

Queens Jazz Trail Map, Tony Millionaire, Ephemera Press


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2 Responses to PIANO SIGNS, Jamaica

  1. The Cheese says:

    What face are those signs rendered in?
    It isn’t Highway Gothic or ClearView and I’m pretty sure it’s not straight-up Helvetica; its too authoritative.

  2. James Gutbrod says:

    Archer Avenue runs on the north side of the LIRR. The street on the south side is 94 Avenue. By the way, Sutphin and Archer are buried maybe 30 feet away from each other right outside the original office building in Maple Grove Cemetery.

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