50TH PRECINCT, Kingsbridge Heights

At Summit Place and Kingsbridge Terrace, in the heart of Kingsbridge Heights in the Bronx, you will find the imposing former NYPD 50th Precinct station house, built by architects Arthur Horgan and Vincent Slattery in 1902. It features all kinds of bric a brac ,and a curved corner featuring four Doric columns. Since 1976 it has been home to the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center. It has been a NYC landmark since 1986.


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  1. Alan Gregg Cohen says:

    It’s an impressive older building on a fairly well kept street, dominated by a mix of narrow fronted detached two storey homes and mid rise apartments. It’s a pity they don’t do a better job at covering up the tagging on the building, which detracts from the attractiveness of the historic structure. I noticed around the corner (on google maps street view), a lovely row of early 20th century rowhouses painted red and white on Perot Street near Armand Place, with palladian windows at the top of the front door which sit under covered porches, and centered on the second storey are large bay windows under a mansard style roof with a gable end over the bay window. The remin me of what in many places are referred to as “terrace houses”, a term not often used in New York to describe older row houses.

  2. Old Skool says:

    Kevin, doncha just hate it when random power lines, signs and railings conspire to screw up a perfectly good shot?

  3. Frank Shannon says:

    I remember the beat cop, Officer Noonan I think his name was, walking the beat around 231st and Broadway. BIG cop!

    • Tuula H says:

      I remember sledding down a hill right next to a Precinct in the Bx…the good police officers closed the side street off so we kids could sled down in safety ! We lived in Kingsbridge Terrace in the ’50s…could it have been THIS precinct ? Anyone ?

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