On this winter view of Perry Street in Greenwich Village, a Curb Your Dog sign is prominent. New York City instituted the “pooper scooper” law in the early 1980s, mandating that dog owners clean up detritus left by their pooches instead of leaving it by the curbs.

The Department of Transportation recently announced its intentions to no longer place new Curb Your Dog signs and remove the ones already installed, citing the fact that many of them have outdated fine information. So, while these signs aren’t rare now (February 2014) they soon may be.

In heavy snows, many dog owners are under the impression that dogsh!t melts when the snow does, and so the white expanse is occasionally punctuated by lengthy brown masses. Of course, most building managements are also prepared to risk fines and refuse to chop ice and place rock salt on their sidewalks to melt the snowfall remains.

Such is city life.


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  1. Tal Barzilai says:

    It really does annoy me when dog owners complain about the fines. Either you take responsibility for having a dog or you just don’t have one. Also, I have always found it an irony for those that want a dog let alone any other pet, but they don’t want take the responsibility despite demanding for them in the first place.

  2. EW3 says:

    Wonder how the bike rental business is doing?
    Leaving them out like that is going to damage them. Salt on city streets is also an issue.

  3. Moleman says:

    Endangered feces?

  4. nygrump says:

    They can rationalize it all they want but at the end of the day the dog owners are showing they are mentally ill – allowing their dogs to spread their waste is no different than if the owners left their waste behind.

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