I’m where the action is.

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23 Responses to WHERE AM I?

  1. Pat Collum says:

    59th St?

  2. Chris Christee says:


  3. John T says:

    149 & 3rd Avenue in the Bronx?

  4. john urbanski says:

    Chambers St J/Z

  5. EW3 says:

    In a subway station?

  6. kg2v says:

    In the subway

  7. Matt says:

    Chambers Street on the JZ!

  8. Omar says:

    City Hall Station.

  9. MsRowdyRedhead says:

    Chambers St

  10. Tom P says:

    Canal St

  11. jesse says:

    Brooklyn bridge city hall (4,5,6)/chambers st. (J,Z)

  12. Ken B. says:

    14th Street

  13. Mr. Guy says:

    Chamber street on the J and Z, right?

  14. Steve Melendez says:

    Chambers Street.

  15. Jeff B. says:

    Chambers St on BMT Nassau St Line

  16. Sal says:

    Chambers St J Line

  17. Kevin Walsh says:

    BMT Chambers is correct.

  18. ron s says:

    grand central

  19. Tal Barzilai says:

    If some of you actually looked at the red fainted arrow, it was pointing to transfer for that line, so the location wasn’t exactly on it, which I take it many didn’t notice or just missed.

    • Ty says:

      So, Tal, it doesn’t matter what website you post on (and you spread yourself all over), you can’t help yourself sharing how superior and intelligent you think you are, huh? (p.s., You are clearly neither.)

  20. Mike Lagana says:

    Times Square

  21. Tal Barzilai says:

    Stop with the personal attacks and cyberimposturizations, b/c where I come from they are a hit way below the belt. Back on topic. The majority (although not all) of cyclists remind me of Hamas, flouting the law, terrorizing the majority, yet gaining public sympathy, including the likes of all you here, that always take the side of the biker vs. the trucker. On a side note, bikers wouldn’t have bikes to ride if there were no trucks to bring them into the retailers that sell them. Trucks are essential for modern commerce, but bikes are superfluous, dangerous to themselves and to motorized traffic, and generally a drain on public finances. If you want to respond, respond to the issues rather than attacking me personally with debunkable charecter asasingnations. I am personally fed up with all this Hamasing.

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