I’ve been left unfinished where no one speaks my language anymore. Anyone know an interpreter?


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9 Responses to WHERE AM I?

  1. John Blourne says:

    “Who Trusts in God, a Strong Abode “

  2. Renee Neumann says:

    He who knows God is made happy?

  3. John T says:

    From Google Translate from German: “who is familiar god probably built”.

  4. Alex says:

    St Pauls – Protestant-Lutherian Church
    Who trusts in God
    has built (his trust) well.

    Simple high german.. beautifully done as well.

  5. John Brady says:

    800 East 156th St, Bronx (just east of Westchester Ave)

  6. Kevin Walsh says:

    Time’s up…

    Bronx Evangelical  Church at 800 E. 156th Street, Longwood, The Bronx.

  7. William Black says:

    St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church
    He who trusts God has built well.

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