FELLA PLACE, San Francisco

When I visited San Fran in 2008 I made sure to visit some of the picturesque dead ends and alleyways, of which most of the city is rife (there just aren’t too many in NYC, while Boston, Philly, San Francisco are jam packed with them). This lane is on Powell Street just south of Pine. It has one house, #5 Fella Place, and an old school light post with scrollwork that resembles some you find on older NYC telephone pole masts. And, take a look at the red brick pavement.

You won’t find a nicer alley anyplace.


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4 Responses to FELLA PLACE, San Francisco

  1. The Cheese says:

    What a cute little street! I bet they have a terrible time with new pizza delivery people, or did before GPS.

  2. Jeff says:

    Kevin – so you’ll fly but not drive? I drive but I won’t fly. Never have, never will.

  3. Sheridan Curtins says:

    Ah yes…I remember it well – as do many a fella, I’m sure, who fondly recall how the letters “TIO” were added to the street sign annually on the last Sunday in June. What memories…

  4. Lynn says:

    I used to live there! I am glad to see it is still standing. It was a women’s rooming house. Our landlady used to entertain us with stories of the great earthquake. (She was there!)

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