I haven’t had much luck with Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn. I shot an entire series on Brooklyn’s spine road between Brooklyn College and the Reformed Dutch church on Church Avenue a year ago last winter, but my hard drive gorged on all my photos from 9/12 to 11/13 before choking to death while fooling me that it had been backing up.

My intent is to walk the entire road from the Manhattan Bridge to the Marine Parkway Bridge soon, provided I can get up with the roosters and get over to the starting point, whichever one I choose. A few years ago I did walk Flatbush Avenue from the Brooklyn Public Library, where I gave a chat on the then-new ForgottenBook, to Parkside Avenue, but the only memorable thing I acquired was this shot of the Hawthorne Hardware sign at 660. I like the white block letters on the red background.

Red and white, always a good combination, with black thrown in,  as in the ForgottenLogo.


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2 Responses to HAWTHORNE HARDWARE, Lefferts Gardens

  1. Old Skool says:

    Ain’t digital grand? A strip of negs or box of chromes would never sabatoge you like that.

  2. Larry Mac says:

    Kevin, when you get by 844 Flatbush Avenue at Linden Boulevard be sure to say hello to Mrs. Thomas up on third floor for me. She was my elderly neighbor in that house in 1953 when I was a little boy and she was still angry about President McKinley getting shot.

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