There was a time when directional signs such as this one, on Plandome and Stonytown Roads in Plandome, Nassau County, were quite prevalent along America’s roadways. The advent of the interstate expressways that began the trend toward larger green signs advising motorists that their exit was approaching largely cut down on small signs like this, which were not replaced when they inevitably wore out. Older photos in Queens County will show that signs with striped wooden poles at major crossroads pointed the way to nearby towns, but not one is left. I have known about this sign for several years and I check back periodically to see if it survives.


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2 Responses to DIRECTIONAL SIGN, Plandome

  1. JohnB says:

    I hear that there was a traffic light recently installed there, but the sign and pole remain.

  2. Ken B says:

    Indeed, the intersection has been completely rebuilt. When it began, the directional sign was removed and I feared it was gone forever. That was not to be the case. It was refurbished and reinstalled in the newly reinvented crossroads.

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