VALLEY FORGE, Staten Island

Turning once again to this Rossville area Hagstrom map from 1949, I noticed the “Valley Forge” notation on the upper right. I hadn’t heard “Valley Forge” applied to a Staten Island neighborhood before, so I did a little digging and found this:

VALLEY FORGE.¬†On the Fresh Kills Road, between Rossville and Green Ridge. The LaForge farm lies on the westerly side of Swaim’s or LaForge’s Lane, which meets the Fresh Kills Road in a pleasant little valley through which flows Killifish Brook to the meadows. The last part of the name LaForge and the valley suggested the historic name of Valley Forge, which thus came to be applied to a vale on Staten Island.

Thus, it had nothing to do with Revolutionary-era Valley Forge, PA, but a long-gone farm. These days, what was Valley Forge, Staten Island is dominated by the Village Green houses and the West Shore Expressway.

If anyone remembers Valley Forge, Staten Island, let me know in Comments.


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4 Responses to VALLEY FORGE, Staten Island

  1. Edward says:

    Thought I knew everything to know about Staten Island, but that Valley Forge designation is new to me! Must have been a short-lived nomenclature, because I’ve never seen it on any maps before or since.

  2. Renee Neumann says:

    Ditto, Edward.

  3. Tal Barzilai says:

    Perhaps, this could have been the name when this was still unknown to most at the time before any actual settlements.

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